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In this section of the website you can find an overview of current and upcoming exhibitions of Victor Delhez.

There’s also a list of exhibtions held in the past either solo exhibitions with only works from Delhez or group exhibitions were Delhez was one of the participating artists.

We have plans to organize one or more exhibitions ourselves in the future on condition we can find the right people to work together with. If you should be interested to work together (or if you’re the organizer of an exhibition that includes work of Delhez) feel free to take up contact with us by using the contact form on this website.


As far as we know, there are no current exhibitions at this time.


One or more exhibitions are planned in Belgium in 2024. Once we have more info you will read it here.



Hundreds of exhibitions have been held worldwide over the years with works from Victor Delhez. Sometimes solo, sometimes in group with other artists. It’s very hard to make a complete list, so we used as source the Breda Catalog from the Breda exhibition in 1956 and we updated the list in that catalog with some information from the family archive.

Both lists have a search function on top to search for a specific exhibition and you can sort the columns by clicking on the black arrows that will become visible when you hover with your mouse over the right end of each field. 

These two lists are certainly not complete lists. If you have more info about exhibitions concerning the works of Delhez that are not listed in these lists feel free to share this info with us by using the contact form on this website.

Belgian Society ArgentinaBuenos AiresJuly1926
Asociación Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresJune1926
Asociación Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresSeptember1928
Convivio de Cursos CatolicosArgentinaBuenos AiresOctober1928
Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresAugust1929
ConvivioArgentinaBuenos AiresSeptember1929
Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresOctober1932
Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresJune1933
Club SocialBoliviaCochabamba June1934
Citculo Militar BoliviaLa PazSeptember1935
Salon del Consejo DepartamentalBoliviaPotosiNovember1935
Salon de Honor de la PrefecturaBoliviaOruroOctober1935
Club SocialBoliviaCochabambaDecember1935
Galerie PetitFranceParisUnknown1936
Zaal AkosBelgiumAntwerpApril1936
Paleis voor Schone KunstenBelgiumBrusselsMarch1937
Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresJune1937
Club SocialBoliviaCochabambaJuly1937
Universidad de ChuquisacaBoliviaSucreAugust1937
Municipalidad de PotosiBoliviaPotosiAugust1937
Universidad de San AndresBoliviaLa PazAugust1937
Banco CentralChileSantiagoNovember1937
Zaal AkosBelgiumAntwerpJanuary1938
Salon Blanco del Ministerio de Obras PublicasArgentinaCordobaMay1938
Galeria RenomArgentinaRosarioJune1938
Academia de Bellas ArtesArgentinaMendozaSeptember1938
Société Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresSeptember1938
Comisión de Bellas Artes, Sociedad de Artistas PlasticosArgentinaSan Miguel de TucumánUnknown1939
Museo Galisteo de RodriguezArgentinaSanta Fé October1939
Salon Blanco del Ministerio de Obras PublicasArgentinaCordobaMay1940
Club Social Universidad Nacional de CuyoArgentinaSan JuanSeptember1940
Universidad Nacional de CuyoArgentinaSan LuisOctober1940
Sociedad Amigos del ArteArgentinaBuenos AiresJune1940
Palacio de Bellas ArtesColombiaBogotaUnknown1940
Museo Municipal de Bellas ArtesArgentinaSanta FéUnknown1941
Salon del Consejo Superior Universidad Nacional de CuyoArgentinaMendozaJune1942
Dirección de IndustriasArgentinaMendozaJuly1942
Sociedad Amigos del ArteUruguayMontevideoJuly1942
Galeria MüllerArgentinaBuenos AiresJuly1943
Colegio Nacional Santa RosaArgentinaSanta Rosa de la PampaJuly1943
Biblioteca Popular - Salon Brizuela ArgentinaConcepción del UruguaySeptember1943
Galeria RenomArgentinaRosarioAugust1944
Museo MunicipalArgentinaSanta FéSeptember1944
Ecole NormaleArgentinaParanaUnknown1944
Ateneo del ChacoArgentina RésistenciaAugust1944
Museo Provincial de Bellas ArtesArgentinaSantiago del Estero July1944
Casino de las Termas del Rio HondoArgentinaRio HondoAugust1944
Salon Blanco del Ministeria de Obras PublicasArgentinaCordoba August1945
Salon de la Casa KraftArgentinaBuenos AiresNovember1945
Galeria FeltrupArgentinaMendozaJune1945
Galeria GimenezArgentinaMendozaJune1946
Galeria MüllerArgentinaBuenos AiresAugust1946
Galerie FreudenbergSwitzerlandZürich January1947
Museo de Bellas Artes de La PlataArgentinaLa PlataAugust1947
Spaanse BrabanderBelgiumAntwerpUnknown1947
Biblioteca RivadaviaArgentinaBahia Blanca October1947
Club del ProgresoArgentinaGeneral RocaNovember1947
Museo de Bellas ArtesArgentinaTandilMarch - April1948
Instituto Social de la Universidad del LitoralArgentinaSanta Fé August1948
Museo Provincial de Bellas ArtesArgentinaParanaSeptember1948
Palacia de Bellas ArtesMexicoMexico CityAugust1948
Museo MunicipalArgentinaRosarioNovember - December1948
Universidad Nacional de CuyoArgentinaMendozaNovember1948
Galeria GimenezArgentinaMendozaJuly - August 1949
Galeria MüllerArgentinaBuenos AiresOctober1949
Salon de la Casa Kraft ArgentinaBuenos AiresSeptember1950
Museum voor Moderne KunstThe NetherlandsUtrechtJune - July1950
Dirección Provincial de TurismoArgentinaSan LuisMarch - April 1951
Casa de España ArgentinaSan JuanJune1951
Gentes de Arte de AvalIanedaArgentinaBuenos AiresAugust1951
Museo de Bellas ArtesArgentinaLa PlataAugust1951
Agrupación CulturalArgentiniaGualeguayOctober1951
Accion CatolicaArgentinaCordoba August 1952
Galeria GimenezArgentinaMendozaSeptember1952
Galeria MüllerArgentinaBuenos AiresOctober - November1952
L’ AtelierCanadaQuebecNovember1952
Casino Mar del PlataArgentinaMar del Plata January1953
Mount Staint Vincent CollegeCanadaHalifaxFebruary1953
Casa de MendozaArgentinaBuenos AiresJuly1953
Comité voor Artistieke Werking BelgiumAntwerpJuly1953
Universidad NacionalArgentinaLa PlataAugust1953
CenaculumArgentinaRivadavia July1954
Galeria GimenezArgentinaMendozaOctober1954
Smithsonian InstitutionUSAWashington D.CNovember - December1954
Paleis voor Schone KunstenBelgiumBrusselsJanuary1955
Salon de la MunicipalidadArgentinaLa RiosaMay1955
Galeria MüIlerArgentinaBuenos AiresJuly - August1955
Biblioteca popularArgentinaConcepción del UruguayAugust - September1955
Agrupación CulturalArgentinaGualeguay July1955
Instituto de Cultura HispanicaSpainMadridApril1956
UnknownSpain BarcelonaUnknown1956
Galerie PetitFranceParisUnknown1956
Sacred Heart Women University of TokyoJapanTokyoUnknown1956
Cultureel CentrumThe NetherlandsBredaAugust - September1956
AMVC LetterenhuisBelgiumAntwerpMay1981
LandhuisBelgiumLillo May - July2002
Bolsa de Comercio de Mendoza ArgentinaMendoza April2013
Casa Municipal de la Cultura Raúl Otero ReicheBoliviaSanta Cruz June2015
Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo SívoriArgentinaBuenos AiresJuly2015
Espacio Cultural Julio Le ParcArgentinaMendozaNovember - December2016
Felixart MuseumBelgiumDrogenbosOctober - January2016 - 2017
Bodega TriventoArgentinaMendoza July - September2017
Piazza Casa de ArteArgentinaMendoza August2018
Museo SivoriArgentinaBuenos Aires8th of June - August 21st2023


Sometimes Delhez’s works were exhibited in collaboration with other artists. Below you can find a list of these group exhibitions in the past. We only had very limited information about group exhibitions that were held in the past, so there is a lot of ‘unknown’ in this list.

This was a group exhibition in Ostend, Belgium (Transatlantic Modernisms Belgium & Argentina 1910 – 1958) and contained work from Victor Delhez, Frans Masereel, Marthe Donas, Paul Delvaux, Georges Vantongerloo, Anne Bonnet, Jo Delahaut en Alejandro Xul Solar, Emilio Pettoruti, Raquel Forner, Joaquin Torres García, Tomas Maldonado, Victor Magariños, and Juan Del Prete. The exhibition opened on 12/02/2022 and was closed on 12/06/2022 at Mu.ZEE (Romestraat 11) in Ostend, Belgium

UnknownNationaal Salon van Buenos AiresBelgiumLeuven UnknownUnknown
UnknownUnknownChileSantiago de ChileUnknownUnknown
UnknownUnknownChileVina del Mar UnknownUnknown
UnknownUnknownArgentinaSanta Fé UnknownUnknown
UnknownGeneral Art ExhibitionThe NetherlandsAmsterdamUnknown1936
UnknownGeneral Art ExhibitionThe NetherlandsThe HagueUnknown1936
UnknownGeneral Art ExhibitionThe NetherlandsRotterdamUnknown1936
UnknownPanorama van de gravureUnknownUnknownUnknown1939
Unknown7th International Exhibition lythographic and woodengravingUSAChicagoUnknown1940
UnknownGrafiek in ArgentiniëArgentinaRosarioUnknown1942
Museum van Schone KunstenGravures in het Museum voor Schone KunstenBelgiumBrusselsUnknown1942
UnknownArgentijnse grafiekUnknownUnknownUnknown1946
UnknownBelgische grafiekCzechoslovakiaPragueUnknown1946
UnknownBelgische grafiekFranceParisUnknown1946
Paleis voor Schone KunstenTogether with Brocas, Cantré, Minne, Tytgat, & Van StratenBelgiumBrusselsUnknownUnknown
UnknownContemporanean Argentine engraversUnknownUnknownUnknown1948
UnknownBooks & Graphic from BelgiumItalyRome & MilanoUnknown1948
Petit palaisExposition internationale de graphisme contemporainFranceParisUnknown1949
Koninklijke Maatschappij voor DierkundeHet dier in de grafische kunstenBelgiumAntwerpUnknown1952
UnknownBiennial MadridSpainMadridUnknown1952
Biblioteca y Mediateca Pública Municipal Manuel BelgranoUnknownArgentinaMendozaJune2016
Mu.ZEETrans-Atlantic modernisms. Belgium and Argentina ca. 1910-1958BelgiumOstendFebruary 12th - June 12th2022