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Fikpoints is our loyal costumer reward program. Victor Delhez’s nickname was ‘Fik’ (the Flemish pronunciation of Vic) and so we named this program after his nickname.

Everybody who creates an account on the checkout page will automatically enroll in the Fikpoints program. When you create an account you’ll get 500 Fikpoints as welcome gift and for every euro you spend in the ‘Works for sale’ section – unless stated otherwise – you will receive ten Fikpoints as reward. Please note that when you pay directly from the product page itself by clicking the Google Pay button, you will NOT earn Fikpoints. Why not? If you use Google Pay you’re bypassing the account system and it’s this account system that rewards you with Fikpoints.

100 Fikpoints have a value of one euro and can be used to obtain a discount on your next purchase.

Example : You’re buying an engraving in the Sortiment series for €250, this will give you 2.500 Fikpoints that have a value of €25. Next time you’re buying an engraving of the Gospel series for €750, but you can use your 2.500 Fikpoints on this order, meaning you will only pay €725.

You can save your Fikpoints if you want, but you can only pay up to 50% of your order with Fikpoints. Unfortunately, we cannot give away engravings for free,

Example : You have saved a total credit of 10.000 Fikpoints after buying several engravings. Your next order is an engraving of €100. You can’t use your 10.000 Fikpoints (that have a value of €100) to pay for this order in full. You only can use a maximum of 5.000 Fikpoints on this order, meaning that you still have to pay €50, but you will have 5.000 Fikpoints left and you will earn another 500 Fikpoints on the €50 you have paid, giving you a total balance of 5.500 Fikpoints you can use on your next purchase.  

Fikpoints will stay valid for eighteen months after you have earned them. Why no unlimited validity? The Fikpoints system is what we call a loyal customer reward program. Loyal customers are people who occasionally buy something, otherwise they are not loyal customers.  Eighteen months seems very reasonable to us to use your earned Fikpoints for a subsequent purchase. On most websites, coupons or discount codes you get are subject to certain conditions and only valid until a certain date, so why should we do it any differently?