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For the works overview from Victor Delhez we used the so called Breda Catalog from 1956 as main source. This catalog was made for the Delhez exhibition in Breda, in The Netherlands that same year.

Please understand that we DO NOT own all the works listed in the works overview section. The works we actually own you can find in the ‘Works for sale’ section.

Choose for the full alphabetical list (may take a while to load) of Delhez’s works, or use the arrows to navigate through the different series and click on the title to go to the page with the overview of the works in that series. 


In each table on a overview page you can find the Breda Catalog number, the title of the work, the date Delhez started working on it (first he made a sketch and then he started engraving in most cases), the date he finished the engraving (and made the eight prints), the country and city were the work was created and the dimensions.

All tables have a search function to find a specific title quickly and you can also sort the different data fields alphabetically or numerically by hovering with your mouse over the right corner of a data field so the black arrows to sort a column become visible.

All data is accurate until 1956 but this works overview only shows approximately 80% of the works Delhez has created.  After 1956 Delhez still created new engravings, and despite the fact that the version of the Breda catalog  we used was manually and handwritten updated in 2000 by one of Delhez’s relatives we almost have no information about works created after the Breda catalog was printed. The information about the works listed after 1956 might not be 100% accurate at this moment. Certainly in the Sortiment series we’re missing information about more than 200 works. We know Delhez made them, but unfortunately we don’t know anything about it, not even a title in most cases. If you should have more or additional information that makes it possible for us to update the works overview section feel free to take up contact with us by using the contact form on this website.