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A Dreamer Tales is the fifth book by Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, (Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany) and considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft and many others. It inspired Delhez to create a series of 21 wood engravings. They were created in Cocaraya, Bolivia between July 1935 and December 1936. All engravings in this series (some seem to have the same title, but the works itself are actually different) are preceded by the letters DT and this series has no subseries.

DT1Poltarnees, beholder of ocean21/07/193509/02/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT2Poltarnees beholder of ocean21/07/193515/02/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT3Poltarnees beholder of ocean22/07/193519/02/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT4Blagdaross16/04/193614/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT5The madness of Andelsprutz16/04/193616/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT6Where tides ebb and flow17/04/193619/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT7Election day17/04/193624/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT8Bethmoora28/05/193614/07/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT9Idle days on the Yann29/05/193617/07/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT10Idle days on the Yann31/05/193619/07/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT11The sword and the idol31/05/193623/07/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT12The ashish man01/06/193626/07/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT13The idle city09/08/193627/08/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT14In Zaccarath04/09/193624/09/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT15 The field05/09/193630/09/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT16Poor old Bill24/09/193605/10/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT17Poor old Bill25/09/193611/10/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT18Carcassonne09/10/193626/10/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT19Carcassonne10/10/193631/10/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT20The beggars07/11/193607/12/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut
DT21The unhappy body07/11/193616/12/1936BoliviaCocaraya30 x 23 cmWoodcut