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Project Victor Delhez or simply ProjectVD is an ambitious project that aims to give Victor Delhez the fame again he had between the 1940s and 1980s. Victor Delhez has become a bit forgotten in the meantime, and we want to do something about that.



In the last few years there have been various initiatives regarding Victor Delhez, and also from the feedback we receive through this website, we noticed that there is a renewed interest in the artist.

We therefore conceived the idea of establishing a foundation that, in addition to preserve our personal collection of more than 400 works from Delhez for posterity (whereby we also make them available for exhibitions of course) will make the entire archive with letters, photos and numerous other materials available for research purposes. In addition, the foundation will also focus on promoting Victor Delhez, so that he will not be forgotten again over time.

We have worked out a whole plan down to the smallest details. You can view that plan (reading everything would take you at least twenty minutes!) by clicking the button below. On that page you get ‘the long version’ with everything you want to know about Project Victor Delhez.

Although a foundation will have a small source of income (explained in the long version), it will not be enough to keep it alive. We may eventually be able to get government subsidies for the foundation, but that is a very slow-running administrative mill. It would be best (especially to preserve our independence) to find someone or several people who would like to sponsor the foundation under the name of patronage. The chance that we will find someone like that is small, we realize that very well, but never say never. If you would be interested, please read the long version first and then take up contact with us by using the mailform on our contact page so we can talk further.