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The gospel series was created between 1934 and 1948. The complete series counts 100 woodcut engravings and 2 extra engravings numbered as 45b and 97b. Numbers 1 to 44 were created in Bolivia, numbers 43 to 90 in Totoral, Argentina and numbers 90 to 100 in Cordoba and Chacras de Coria (Mendoza), Argentina.

The gospel series is an impressive series covering the four gospel accounts in the new testament, The gospel according to Matthew, the Gospel according to Mark, the gospel according to Luke and the gospel according to John. All engravings in this series are preceded by the letter E from Evangelies which is Dutch for Gospels. This series has no subseries.

E1Announcement02/02/193401/03/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E2Visit07/02/193410/03/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E3Birth of John the baptist08/02/193420/03/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E4Message to Joseph10/02/193402/04/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E5Triumphant Christ12/02/193410/05/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E6The star of the wise06/05/193425/05/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E7The shepherd's star07/05/193414/06/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E8Worship08/05/193427/06/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E9Infanticide11/05/193408/08/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E10Flight into Egypt12/05/193417/07/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E11John the baptist11/07/193414/08/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E12Presentation to Simeon11/07/193425/07/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E13Jesus with the teachers03/07/193427/07/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E14Holy family18/07/193422/07/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E15Behold, the lamb of God14/07/193430/08/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E16The baptism10/08/193424/11/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E17Marriage at Cana 29/10/193414/12/1934BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E18The great temptation28/09/193424/01/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E19The temptation07/01/193504/02/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E20Calling of the first disciples26/01/193522/02/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E21Expulsion of an evil spirit10/02/193521/04/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E22The Miraculous catch of fish25/03/193517/05/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E23The house of Jesus25/03/193516/04/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E24Preaching in the synagogue06/04/193502/05/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E25Preaching in the ship25/04/193503/06/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E26Preaching on the mountain13/05/193518/06/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E27Jesus cleansing a leper03/06/193529/06/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E28Jesus in Simon's house with sick people14/03/193506/07/1935BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E29The first cleansing of the temple 27/01/193601/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E30Healing a paralytic ((forgiveness of a victim)09/02/193609/05/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E31Vocation of Levi the tax collector18/04/193602/06/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E32Healing the centurion's servant25/04/193602/06/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E33The three days of the temple01/06/193619/08/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E34Jesus and Nicodemus20/08/193605/09/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E35Mary called Magdalene01/09/193602/12/1936BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E36Resurrection of the Widow's son from Nain04/01/193721/01/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E37Jesus and the Woman of Samaria11/01/193704/02/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E38The Parable of the Sower28/01/193710/05/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E39Punishment of wind and water waves07/04/193730/04/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E40The boars of Gergesa25/04/193714/05/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E41The resurrection of Jairus' daughter07/05/193723/05/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E42The woman who touched Jesus' garment 14/05/193702/06/1937BoliviaCocaraya32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E43The first multiplication of bread and fish28/05/193724/10/1937Bolivia / ChileCocaraya / Santiago de Chile32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E44The confession of Peter 14/06/193715/11/1937Bolivia / ChileCocaraya / Santiago de Chile32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E45Transfiguration of Jesus18/11/193731/12/1937ChileSantiago de Chile32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E45bThe damnation of Jerusalem12/02/194806/00/1948ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E46The Adulterous Woman18/12/193723/01/1938ChileSantiago de Chile32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E47The good samaritan02/01/193814/01/1938ChileSantiago de Chile32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E48Martha and Mary24/01/193812/04/1938Chile / ArgentinaSantiago de Chile / Totoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E49Our father10/04/193827/04/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E50Jesus walking water16/04/193829/05/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E51The Sick at Bethesda24/04/193816/07/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E52Healing the man with a withered hand26/06/193821/08/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E53Jesus, his mother and brothers07/12/193826/12/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E54The scribes who wanted to follow Jesus07/12/193829/12/1938ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E55Parable of the barren fig tree07/12/193818/01/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E56The seed sower07/12/193802/02/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E57The sign of Jonas07/12/193813/02/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E58The lost treasure07/12/193824/02/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E59The Pharisee and the publican07/12/193813/02/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E60The net with the fish18/03/193912/04/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E61The lunatic01/04/193917/04/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E62Common prayer14/04/193902/05/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E63The good shepherd14/04/193917/05/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E64Healing the man blind from birth 14/04/193904/06/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E65Lazarus, the beggar and the rich man16/04/193907/06/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E66The lost son16/04/193918/06/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E67The rich young ruler28/04/193926/06/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E68Resurrection of Lazarus28/04/193903/07/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E69The road to Jerusalem28/06/193918/08/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E70The second cleansing of the temple07/06/193928/08/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E71The transfiguration of Jesus16/08/193911/09/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E72Jesus with the children28/08/193922/09/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E73Anointing of Jesus07/09/193930/09/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E74Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem07/04/193919/10/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E75The valuation token of the emperor07/09/193916/11/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E76The parable of the ten virgins14/09/193924/11/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E77Foot washing14/09/193912/12/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E78The Passover25/11/193920/12/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E79Gethsemane25/11/193925/12/1939ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E80Judas kiss16/12/193925/01/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E81He is worthy of death16/12/193928/01/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E82The Denial of Peter04/01/194031/01/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E83Bar-abbas25/01/194014/02/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E84The whipping25/01/194024/02/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E85The crown of thorns12/02/194007/03/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E86The Stations of the cross14/02/194014/03/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E87Crucifixion07/03/194001/04/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E88Jesus crucified07/03/194020/04/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E89The descent from the cross and the burial of Jesus 07/03/194029/05/1940ArgentinaTotoral32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E90Resurrection07/03/194018/06/1940ArgentinaTotoral / Mendoza32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E91The women in the grave25/09/194021/11/1940ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E92Noli me tangere28/09/194021/11/1940ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E93The women at the stations of the cross25/10/194010/01/1941ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E94The disciples of Emmaus30/12/194014/04/1941ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E95Ascension Day14/05/194131/10/1942ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E96Receiving the holy spirit14/08/194204/12/1942ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E97Jesus calls01/09/194414/09/1944ArgentinaChacras de Coria20 x 25 cmWoodcut
E97bThe wedding party07/06/194812/12/1948ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E98The ten men with leprosy07/12/194725/03/1948ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E99Doubting Thomas07/12/194703/04/1948ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut
E100The rich fool28/12/194701/05/1948ArgentinaChacras de Coria32,5 x 40 cmWoodcut