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Los Quatro Evangelios

The book has more than 600 pages, weighs about 7.5kg (16.5lb) and is written in Spanish. It features 90 engravings of the Gospel series. The book is luxuriously bound in leather and has gold on the sides.

Sadly, the book cover and side are damaged so it needs restoration. The pages inside the book are not damaged at all making this book a high valuable collector’s item.

It’s unknown how many were made by Guillermo Kraft but not many might still be around today. Ours has the number 235, and is not only signed by Victor Delhez, it also has a personal message from him for his two sisters in Belgium, supplemented by a message from them to their niece who in turn wrote a message in it that the book should be handed over to her son after her death.

Online research has learned us that there are currently only thirteen public or university libraries (Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia) worldwide that still have a copy of this book in their collection. How many are in private possession is unknown, probably not that much anymore.

We don't list a price for this book, and you can't buy it online either. If you're interested, please take up contact with us, but know that there is an Argentinian website that sells the 1944 edition (unsigned) for 83.000$ ! (see images gallery for proof). Our edition is the second one from 1945, signed, with personal message, and there's also a signed engraving from the gospels series (E97 - Jesus Call, smaller in size than the original) included.

This unique book will only be sold to the true lover of Victor Delhez who makes a decent offer for it, bearing in mind that it is signed by Delhez and that it contains a personal message from him that you will not find in any other copy of this book.

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