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Book Of Revelation series

The series Book of Revelation is often called “Apocalypse” (for this reason all engravings in this series are preceded by the letter A) and is considered as the best series of engravings Victor Delhez made, a true masterpiece of 20th century graphic art.

Most of them were created after 1956 and they’re only listed until number A11 in the Breda catalog which was published in 1956. We don’t have detailed information of the engravings numbered A12 – A49. On some works Delhez wrote the title, on others not. In that case we sometimes have to do a wild guess about the title. We’re hoping to update the missing information in the near future.

The year of creation is also a wild guess since Delhez never wrote down the exact year of creation of these works, so he could not remember them either when the Breda catalog was made.

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